Our Business Reviews

Here are some of our endorsements and business reviews from customers for EW Network Solutions. Our innovative solutions are combined with a strict work ethic, and that has resulted in the loyalty of our customers.  We value the trust these clients place in us, and that is the reason we work as hard as we do.


Our diverse portfolio includes:


• Randall Mechanical

• Beattie Family Orthodontists

• Oral & Facial Surgeons of Mid Florida

• Wittmer Clinic of Chiropractic

• Clear 2 Close Home Loans

• Black Angus Steak House

• Colorado Steakhouse



In the mortgage industry Internet, PC security and network reliability is a must have. EW Network Solution developed our server and maintained/secured all 15 stations. Whenever service was needed, Elias or a tech was there no matter the time. Reliability and trust is a plus, and I would recommend EW Network Solutions anytime and all the time. Simply the best.


Designed, implemented and maintains our highly computer dependent multi-­site health services organization. Elias and his staff are an outstanding IT service and a competent, available, affordable and honest business partner for ten years. Recommend this company without hesitation.


Elias has been handling all my IT services including hardware for over a decade. Service is unparalleled in the knowledge of today’s complex computing and Internet world. The company is certainly up on all of the latest technical innovations in the computing world, including remote monitoring of our server. The company is HIPAA Compliant, which is required in this industry. I would recommend this company based on their high level of service, integrity and ability to quickly handle any problems or issues you may have.