Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Malware & Virus Removal Service

EW Networks Solutions has years of experience with malware and virus removal. Our security experts can clean your network or pc of malware, viruses and spyware.. and keep it safe from future threats.


Did you know that Malware (Malicious Software) can download in the background and install itself without the user even knowing it?  It can be in the form of an opened email, or even download itself from a webpage.  Malware is often bundled with other seemingly safe software packages. Not all Malware is a Trojan or Worm-like entity, overtly seeking to reap havoc on your computer system.  Any invasive program that covertly monitors the user, be it for advertising or to keep track of one’s online activity, may qualify as Malware.


Did you know there is currently no Malware or Virus removal product on the market that can guarantee your network or pc will not be infiltrated by Spyware, a Trojan, a Worm or some other form of Malware?  These programs replicate themselves faster than security software can keep up. Somewhere in the world is someone getting ready to let lose a new Malware program that will not be detected by anti-Virus/Malware programs until after a number of networks are infiltrated by it.


This is why you need a company like EW Network Solutions keeping watch over your network. We can install the best Firewall, anti-Virus removal software and Email protection software, and we are able to remotely monitor your network 24 hours a day for an unwanted intrusion. We will know instantly if you have an intruder in your computer system. We are HIPAA and PCI Compliant, and simply the best bet for keeping your network safe. So contact EW Network Solutions today to discuss what we can do for your business or home office computer network.

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