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When it comes to Network Security Orlando metro area businesses can rely on the extensive experience of EW Network Solutions to protect their network from unauthorized access, while making sure employees have ample control of the resources they need, like important files or secure email.


Industry analysts predict that businesses face a new round of network security threats and breaches.  Wired Magazine reported earlier this year that Nation-State attacks are becoming a real concern to companies, as demonstrated by the 2013 attack on Belgacom.


Then there were the hacker extortion plots like the one that happened to Sony, and there have been multiple smaller companies and organizations who’ve fallen victim to this, too. All of the sudden, they find themselves locked out of their network until/unless they pat a “ransom” to the criminals responsible.


Wired also predicted that Data Destruction attacks will be on the increase, as well as Bank Card and Third Party breaches.. and even more alarming, blended attacks.  The list of potential threats is always evolving. Let’s face it.. The criminal element is alive and fine, and trying to figure out how they can breach your network.


This is why you need a company like EW Network Solutions in your arsenal of defense against any, and all, potential threats to your network.  We can configure and set up the software and hardware needed to protect your network and the resources accessed through the network.


We’re dedicated, highly experienced, and suspicious to the point of near paranoia, when it comes to protecting the interests of our clients. Give us a call to discuss your network security needs and what we can do for your company.

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