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Take our speed test to check out your computer’s upload and download speeds. The module will automatically pick the server nearest you for the test based upon your ip. You must have Adobe Flash Player© installed to run the test. Flash Player© can be downloaded here from Adobe’s secure site.


Speed Test by SPEEDRON

Improving Internet Speed

Make sure to compare your Speed Test results against what you are paying for from your Internet Service Provider. If your results fall short you may want to consider the following, keeping in mind that you normally won’t get as much speed on a Wireless connection as you will when directly connected to the internet via a cable. The same can apply when multiple devices are connected to your Wireless:


Simply resetting your modem and/or router can fix a lot of connectivity issues.  If they don’t have reset switches, unplug the cord to the power supply and plug it in again after 30 seconds, modem first.


A wireless phone or security camera can also slow your system down when they’re running on the same frequency as your Wireless router.


Moving a Wireless router closer to your computer can improve the signal transmission.


Keep your Router/Modem clean.  Excessive dust build-up can cause interference and even overheat your device.  Make sure they’re located in well ventilated areas.


Make sure your cable modem is up to date and that it is DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification ) v. 3.0 or higher. Many modems supplied by Internet Service Providers are still the near obsolete DOCSIS 2.0.  You can figure out what version you are using by looking at the label on the bottom of your modem. If it’s missing or hard to read, find the specs by doing an internet search on the modem’s make and model.

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